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The Warmest place

by Julio García & Carmen Ros

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Everything’s changing all is confusing but your smile is still shining like the sun I’ve been caught in the eye of a storm but your arms are still the warmest place I know Oh it’s so strange It wasn’t written love changes like the clouds but your eyes are still sparkling like the stars I’ve been trapped in a dream but your arms are still the warmest place to be It was out of the script I acted the clown What foolish things I´ve done in the name of love But my heart still beats strong when you´re around I felt lost I felt alone but now your arms are still the warmest place I love
Papers 03:11
Papers feelings whiteness traces Letters in a mess out of their place loosing their path Stripes patterns doubts matters Pieces of a crossword that I start What do I want? Uh, papers Here is my soul Here is my mind Uh, papers Where are my thoughts? Where’s now my pain? Words silence poems rubbish Nothing that can´t be erased crumpled up, and thrown away Scribbles yearnings hiding places Black flowers with no smell is what I get just from my pen Uh, papers Here is my soul Here is my mind. Uh, papers Where are my thoughts? Where is my claim? Where’s my truth? Where have they gone? Again
Solidão 02:15
Solidão no silêncio do meu quarto, solidão os lençois sem rastros da nossa paixão Um relógio morto é a minha solidão um tempo vazio e mudo Solidão, solidão não ouço bater o teu coração no teu peito frio minha dor aninha Solidão eu sei que o céu é um engano, solidão e o ar que eu respiro é uma ilusão A alegria foge assim da solidão quando apaga a esperança Solidão, solidão vai embora por favor deixa em fim que volte o meu amor comigo Solidão
It’s all right It’s coming Friday night the dog wagging its tail to greet me when I come back home It’s all right the kitchen smells so nice a cold beer in the freezer yes, I’m sure It´s apple pie It’s all right I’ll be yours tonight You wink at me and stroke my hair yes, It’s all right No, tomorrow the alarm clock won’t wake me up No, tomorrow I won’t be a recepcionist Cause, Tomorrow I’m going to be a music star And I’ll sing for you my greatest hits It’s all right I put the tablecloth while the radio is playing one of my favourite songs It’s all right It’s easy to feel free when you put your arms around me I really touch the sky It’s all right I’ll be yours tonight You wink at me and stroke my hair yes, It’s all right
Bad news printed in red, the debts can’t be paid A beggar with his dog asks for a coin Grey streets, poverty smells Who has abandoned you? They were, they’re always the same but with different names But now the only thing real is the smile on your face Oh, how could I stand this life without your smile?
Night 02:41
Night, quiet night cold and dark dark and full of absences empty night Rain, drops of rain hurting rain starts falling like needles in my heart Open your house let the air get inside sweep away the dust of lonelyness Wind, Northern wind howling wind whispering blue songs from emptiness Open your arms to my love, to my love Cross the line of sadness you are not alone Open your heart to my love, to my love the dark is ending we are not alone No more
Uma palavra 02:28
Sonho com uma palavra Temo só uma palavra Todo o amor em uma palavra Toda a dor cabe em uma palavra Espero só uma palavra Diga só uma palavra A vida por uma palavra Eu morro por uma palavra Uma palavra, pronuncie uma palavra Uma palavra, pronuncie só uma palabra Uma palavra, pronuncie uma palavra Uma palavra, pronuncie só uma palavra Quero só uma palavra Ouvir somente uma palavra Me salve com uma palavra Uma palavra, uma palavra
So sweet 02:37
Oh darling is so sweet when you’re falling, uh when you’re falling, when you’re falling in love Darling’s so sweet, when you’re falling, uh when you’re falling, when you’re falling in love The sugar moon a chocolate tree and in my lips a strawberry Candy streets and caramel running through my veins Oh, darling it’s so sweet when you’re falling, uh when you’re falling when you’re falling in love My icecream’s melting I have plenty of sweet love just for you The cake is ready come to me I go to bed and think of you Oh, darling is so sweet when you’re falling, uh when you’re falling when you’re falling in love
Angel 03:32
He walks alone smells of smoke he disappears in crowdy streets Invisible he doesn’t find his place He’s searching now but he´s so lost Hey, you! remember what your mother said An angel plays a melody he starts to sing He starts to sing if he could know that with his voice he moves cold hearts Don’t stop to sing these melodies, they make me live Sing one more oh please. He starts to sing and with his voice even he moves the coldest hearts Don’t stop to sing these melodies they make me live Sing one more oh please
Dia a dia 01:50
Meu amor, é pra você seu olhar, é só pra mim meu amor é uma flor que vai crescendo, dia a dia Dia a dia a dia eu canto novas melodias que sinto minhas, minhas, minhas que alegria dia a dia Meu olhar é pra você seu amor é para mim nosso amor como uma flor que vai crescendo dia a dia Dia a dia, a dia... Meu amor é pra você seu amor é para mim Si eu cuido e você mima o amor floresce dia a dia
Tell me why 03:22
Don’t you want to dance? I´ll show you steps, you’ll never forget The starry night is warm and the band is playing for us Coloured fireworks in the sky happiness is here for us Don’t you ever want to dance? Why are you still sat down? Tell me why Tell me why Tell me why And the rhythm escapes from your hands I can feel in your eyes the desire
Change 02:42
Change There’s no going back It must be changed The flags are stained of blood and It hasn’t stopped around the world Change Now we cannot be so blind to these It concerns me what is happening to you over the world Change There’s no time to waste It’s time to change we don’t need to fight in the same way, oh, oh Change, oh, oh Change It really seems that humans haven’t learnt We truly must put out the flames of hate over the world Change We have to overthrow the empire of greed The world must be a better place to live a world to live
Not, it’s not It’s not too late It’s not too late to start again Play, play I’ll sing, I´ll sing for you Forget that forget, forget Kiss me Touch me Forgive me, forgive, forgive Tell me If stormy thoughts are crossing your heart Trust me, trust, trust I just want to know the truth I don’t mind if it hurts, please don’t hide your emotions I have decided No lies in my life
My house is on a hill the one painted in green On the roof a weather vane is dancing in the wind Maybe points to the fields maybe points to the sea My house is on a hill the birds sing in the trees and the river always flows wild horses running free They’re like you they’re like me It’s the house of my dreams It’s the house of my dreams It’s the house of my dreams deep inside, in my dreams It’s the house of our dreams
Arrurru 01:59
Vai deitar a bruxa diz que vai viajar ela vai bem longe daqui ela não pensa voltar nunca mais Os papões também estão cansados já e já não querem assustar dizem que vão se aposentar Arru, arrurru arrurru, dorme meu bem Vai dormir teu sonho vai no elevador e cada andar é de uma cor mil aventuras viverás, neném Já verás com teus amigos brincarás a novos mundos chegarás sem precisar de uma nave espacial Arru, arrurru arrurru, dorme meu bem
Good night It’s the end of the show at The Warmest Place Não, não se lamente amanhã, será um novo dia Spotlights going down memories are taking life Não, não é o fim amanhã, a luz voltará Glasses laughs voices still sound in the air Não, não duvidem amanhã, a gente vai cantar The night is spreading its silence over the stage Não, não se esqueçam amanhã, poderão voltar Love songs good friends melodies at The Warmest Place


www.vassalo.es (New project)


The composer Julio García and the designer Carmen Ros, Spanish artists based in Madrid, have built a refuge to help overcome the disappointments in their lifes. Their collection of 16 tracks in English and Portuguese has echoes of music from cinema musicals and includes influences of different styles of 20th century music. They have created an imaginary soundtrack of their own personal life experiences.

For these purposes, they have met impressive singers from different parts of the world, living in Madrid: Marisa Tolentino, with Dominican roots, is the new young revelation of soul-jazz in Spain. Ruben Melogno, from Uruguay, with his powerful voice, reminds us of the legendary Frank Sinatra. Ana Vassalo from Lisbon is a classical singer who has had an intensive career which includes singing opera and classical repertory in several european cities. Carmen Ros, who has composed some of the songs and written the lyrics of the CD, also sings four of the tracks, one of them with the British songwriter Mark Walden.

Julio García is known for his instrumental music and for the unique sound of his guitar but he’s also a songwriter. On the CD he plays acoustic and electric guitar, bass, percussion, harmonica and sings backing vocals. You can also find on the CD, some of the finest musicians living in Spain: the Spanish musicians Miguel Rodrigáñez (double bass), Iñaki Úcar (clarinet), Isidro Solera (electric guitar), Javier Bergia (drums) and Rodrigo M. Munuera (lute), the French Matthieu Saglio (cello), the Argentinian Laura Pedreira (piano), and the Brazilian Paulo Vieira (violin).

The CD has been produced, recorded and mixed by Julio and Carmen at their own small studio Escalera Grabaciones Intrépidas, which celebrates with this recording 20 years of musical activity.

THE WARMEST PLACE (O lugar do aconchego)

O compositor e a designer Espanhóis Julio Garcia e Carmen Ros, construiram um refúgio para sobreviver ao desencanto; uma coleção de 16 canções em inglês e português com ecos de filmes musicais, e influências de diferentes estilos de música do século 20, com as que eles criaram uma trilha imaginária para suas experiencias vitais.

Para este propósito eles reuniram-se com grandes cantores que moram em Madrid: Marisa Tolentino, com raízes na República Dominicana é a nova revelação do soul-jazz na Espanha, Ruben Melogno, de Uruguai, traz à memória o legendário Frank Sinatra. Ana Vassalo de Lisboa, cantora lírica que tem desenvolvido uma intensa carreira, incluindo interpretação operística, em varias cidades da Europa. Carmen Ros, compositora de algumas músicas e escritora das letras do CD, canta também quatro canções, uma delas junto com o cantautor britânico Mark Walden.

Julio García conhecido por sua carreira instrumental e pelo som único da sua guitarra, toca guitarras acústica e eléctrica, baixo, percusão, harmônica e faz coros. Também poderão encontrar alguns dos mais destacados músicos que moram na Espanha: os músicos espanhóis Miguel Rodrigáñez (contrabaixo), Iñaki Úcar (clarinete), Isidro Solera (guitarra eléctrica), Javier Bergia (bateria) e Rodrigo M. Munuera (laud), o francês Matthieu Saglio (cello), a Argentina Laura Pedreira (piano) e o Brasileiro Paulo Vieira (violino).

O disco foi produzido, gravado e misturado por eles próprios, no seu pequeno estúdio Escalera Grabaciones Intrépidas, que comemora com esta gravação 20 anos de atividade musical.

THE WARMEST PLACE (El lugar más cálido)

El compositor Julio García y la diseñadora Carmen Ros, artistas españoles con base en Madrid, han construido un refugio para sobrevivir al desencanto; una colección de 16 temas en inglés y portugués con ecos de películas musicales e influencias de diferentes estilos de música del siglo 20. Con ellas han creado una banda sonora imaginaria para sus experiencias vitales.

Para este propósito han reunido a grandes cantantes de diferentes partes del mundo que viven en Madrid: Marisa Tolentino, de raíces dominicanas, es la nueva revelación del soul-jazz en España, Ruben Melogno, desde Uruguay, nos trae a la memoria al legendario Frank Sinatra. Ana Vassalo de Lisboa es una cantante lírica que ha desarrollado una intensa carrera que incluye la interpretación de óperas y repertorio clásico en diversas ciudades europeas. Carmen Ros, que ha compuesto algunos de los temas y ha escrito las letras del disco, canta cuatro canciones, una de ellas junto al cantautor británico Mark Walden.

Julio García, más conocido por su carrera instrumental y por el sonido único de su guitarra, toca en este trabajo la guitarra acústica y eléctrica, bajo, armónica, percusiones y canta coros. También participan en el disco músicos destacados como los españoles Miguel Rodrigáñez (contrabajo), Iñaki Úcar (clarinete), Isidro Solera (guitarra eléctrica), Javier Bergia (batería) y Rodrigo M. Munuera (laúd), el francés Matthieu Saglio (cello), la argentina Laura Pedreira (piano), y el brasileño Paulo Vieira (violin).

El disco ha sido producido grabado y mezclado por Carmen y Julio en su pequeño estudio Escalera Grabaciones Intrépidas, que celebra con este trabajo 20 años de incesante actividad musical.


released July 1, 2015



all rights reserved



Julio García Madrid, Spain

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